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All of us want to have a beautiful WIFI enabled home. We all want to ensure that our everyday devices, such as the PC, laptop, computer, mobile phones, Mac, and gaming gadgets. In most of the larger houses people do feel the need for WIFI that can be extended to a vast area. Buying more routers to add on each floor will be too costly to set up, instead we recommend having the most compatible and exploring Linksys WIFI extender.  Some of the extenders give speed while the others are known for the features. But we want to have such a range extender which has both. 

You can get out of the issue of dead zones, poor WIIFI signal, lose or dropping connections, buffering, and a lot of internet connectivity related issues can be sorted out with this Linksys RE6700 WIFI wireless extender. It can replicate the router’s signals to a larger extent. RE6700 functions as a bridge between your wireless and wired devices. The Linksys extender can also be used as a repeater for the entire wireless signals. This Extender can even work with any type of IP gateway. With its cross-band technology, it can extend b/g/n/ac WIFI signals. The removable external antennas can push your WIFI coverage up to 10,000 Sq. Ft. area.

Requirements before Linksys Extender Setup

In order to have Linksys range extender to function on extender mode, then first you should have to make a wired setup using an Ethernet cable. The wireless settings should match with the router’s access point settings. You must have access to your router’s wireless settings. An additional Ethernet cable to connect the PC with the range extender. As the access point for your existing wireless router, you must have a wireless network name, wireless network passphrase, and wireless network channels. As a security option, you must be acknowledged of wireless security modes, such as WPA/WPA2/WEP2/WEP3, etc. To connect the Linksys Range Extender RE6700, insert the Ethernet cable into the range extender, and the other tip should go into your router’s WAN port, and follow the steps ahead of it.

Steps to setup on extender mode

To power on your Linksys range extender, plug the Linksys RE6700 with the power supplying board, of your home, and do not move on to the next step, until you see the power LED blinking on your range extender. 

Use a computer or the mobile device to get connected with the SSID network of your RE6700, which will be the “Linksys Extender Setup-xxx”. Here the xxx symbolize the last three characters of the MAC address of your Linksys RE6700. You can get it from the printed slip of your Linksys range extender.  


Now install a web browser in the device that you are using for the configuration and setup. If it is having the browser by default and is compatible with the router and the range extender, then you can use that browser for the configuration.

  1. Open the browser and type the default or the customized web ID “” or “” (That is the IP address) into the Address bar or the so-called search bar of your browser, and quickly press “Enter/Start Setup”.
  2. There will be a page on your screen with the text “Welcome to RE6700 Extender Setup” as the wireless range extender, it will select one of the two options by default setup. Then click next.
  3. (You can even select the wireless or the wired range extender option, depending upon the situation and your convenience)
  4. Now, in this step select your WIFI channels or the bandwidth. If your home WIFI router is using 5 GHz, then use should select 2.4 GHz band, and if your router is having a 2.4 GHz band, then you should go with 5 GHz band. 
  5. If your router has the hidden SSID, then scroll down on the same page, and then click Manually Enter Network name and the Password, else you have to wait till it automatically detects the WIFI connection. 
  6. The coming window will ask for the password of the Linksys RE6700. After filling the password details, click the ENTER tab.
  7. Next to this window, you will insist to configure the extender wireless network, that your range extender will be broadcasting later on. 
  8. Here at this page, you can change the settings or you can prefer to leave the extender at its default settings. 
  9. Press the NEXT button, if you see that the Spot Finder is indicating the Linksys RE6700. This function enables you to boost the strength of the signal from your WIFI router to the range extender. 
  10. If your Linksys RE6700 is unable to get the signal from your WIFI router, that means you have to change the location of the range extender. Once it will be in the range and will be connected to your WIFI network, then you can place the extender anywhere in your house.
  11. Now, you can connect the wireless clients of your house with the Linksys RE6700 range extender, using the same SSID.
  12. Do not forget to create the SSID and the password to get segregation between your router’s WIFI address and the address.

How to change the Administrator Password?

When we try to access the web-based setup page of our Linksys range extender using Http:// then after entering the IP address, it will ask for the username and the password just on the login page. For your information, ADMIN is the default username and password of your RE6700 range extender device. It can be changed and must be changed after installing the extender, in order to protect your home WIIFI from the dangerous hackers and stealers. Just follow the simple steps to change the Administrative password of your Range Extender.

  • Launch a browser of your choice from the mobile device or the computer device of your home. 
  • After launching the web browser, you have to navigate its address bar toward the web locating URL Http //, or use the IP address of your RE6700 that is
  • A login window will appear to you, there at the SSID and password field from the WIRELESS SETUP tab, you can change the administrative password of your RE6700 to something very different and unique.

Why I cannot access the Linksys RE6700?

  1. Power cycle the modem RE6700 by unplugging the router from the electric outlet, and then plug it back to the same power outlet. 
  2. Place the RE6700 near your WIFI router, or just try to modify the place of the router and the extender. 
  3. Find the IP address of your range extender from the DHCP table of your router, and ping it.
  4. The computer or the configuring device should be connected to the LAN port of the range extender. 
  5. Then try to access the IP address and then verify the WIFI settings. 
  6. If still the problem exists, then you need to reset the RE6700 range extender.

How to reset the WIFI extender?

Resetting the Linksys range extender can sort out lots of issues of your extender’s access problems. Resetting will erase the entire data along with bugs, malicious files, and corrupt data. You can save your previous settings by keeping a backup of your data. To reset the Linksys RE6700 range extender, you have to locate the reset button on your extender. Press and hold the reset button for 10 to 12 seconds and after that release the figure to rest the button. If you see that your extender is rebooting, that means it has got its original settings back, and it has come to its default settings.

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