Why I am getting the slower speed of my Linksys RE9000?

IPv6 feature can be the biggest reason for the crawling speed of your network, even after the successful installation of the RE9000 extender, and upgrading the firmware to the latest version. IPv6 plays a big role in the crawling speed of your WIFI network from the router to the RE9000 extender. In this case, we are required to disable this IPv6 feature. Follow some of the very dedicated steps to solve this issue.


  • Go to the control panel of your extender, and click on to the “NETWORK & SHARING CENTRE” 
  • Click to change the adapter settings, that can be found on the left side of the demonstrated screen.
  • There will be a list for a lot of available networks, just need to make a right-click on it, and then select the properties.
  • In the properties, you need to click at the option “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)”, uncheck the box that is just beside this option to make this protocol disable. 
  • If the problem persists, then you need to contact your ISP provider, and tell them to remove the data capping from your internet data package. 

Why My Linksys Smart WIFI Setup is Not Working?

Follow some of the basic steps to get rid of this problem in just a few minutes.

  • Your Linksys smart WIFI router must be configured to the local address, that can be easily accessible by your web address. 
  • To access this address, allow the settings of your router, and then open the setup page.
  • Type the default IP address of your router just at the address bar of the web exploring browser. 
  • If IP is not working, then type the default web-based control panel enabled web link extenderlinksys.com. 
  • The extender uses the same IP address as on your Linksys router, in case you have changed the IPs of both the devices, then first recognize the current IP address of your router, using the command prompt in the windows or iOS devices.


Here now, for the setting of your “Linksys Smart WIFI Setup” input the IP in a web browser and just do the actions as guided by the instructions on your screen. Enable the WPA2 as the personal security layer after entering “ADMIN” as the password of your router and the extender. If you have changed the password to something other than the default one, then you need to change the password of all the wireless devices that you have hooked to your Linksys RE9000’s extended network. 

Once you have done with the WIFI setup, then remove the power cable from the power board, to power off the router and the cable DSL modem. After some time plug them back to the power board, and wait for the LEDs to blink rapidly as an indicator of the booting process. Now it will obtain the IP address from your ISP to get associated with your WIFI wireless connection. 

How to set the Linksys RE9000 to range extender mode?

For this you should have an existing dual-band WIFI router or any other access point. A configuring end device, that should be connected to the WIFI network of your router. WIFI name and the password of your router. One thing that you should also keep in your conscious, that your RE9000 extender should be in its original factory settings.

Begin the setup process for your Linksys RE9000

  1. To turn on the Linksys RE9000 by plugging it to the electric outlet inside your home. Before moving on to the next step, check the status of the LEDs, it should be solid orange. 
  2. Go to the available list of the WIFI networks, and click on the option “Linksys Extender Setup” through the WIFI enabled device.
  3. Fire the web browser form this WIFI enabled device, and navigate the address line to the unique resource locater “http://extender.linksys.com”, and later on press [ENTER].
  4. Click to the “STARTUP” at the login page that has just displayed to your screen.
  5. The Linksys RE9000 will automatically detect the DHCP server and will access the default IP address on its own.
  6. Press the NEXT tab and visit under the option of “WIRELESS RANGE EXTENDER”.
  7. By default setup, the RE9000 will accept the 5 GHz band of your network, but if you want to use only 2.4 GHz band, then you need to come a little down on the same page and click for the 2.4 GHz as the dedicated upstream connection for the most efficient performance.
  8. On the next page, enter the password of your WIFI network just in the field where it requires.
  9. After entering the network password, click the option NEXT to move this setup process on its next level.
  10. A window will be rolled out to your screen, click OK and go ahead.
  11. Fix the RE9000 range extender to a better place, with the help of “Spot Finder”. Click the tabs as you get instructions by the “Spot Finder” and place the extender to a better position. 
  12. Now at the coming page, you need to change the password of your Linksys RE9000. then save the changes and the settings.
  13. Register your Linksys range extender RE9000 by giving details about your Email ID, name, phone number, etc. at the Linksyswifiextender.com and go NEXT.
  14. You can now connect the entire wireless devices of your home with the extended WIFI network of your router, by the RE9000 smart WIFI range extender.