Linksys extender setup: Dropping WIFI signal issue

There can be a lot of reasons for the dropping WIFI connections of your Linksys RE9000, such as the older version of the firmware, irregular unit of MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit), Due to multiple devices and the human-made obstacles inside your home, etc. the signal strength from your WIFI range extender cannot reach up to the mark. 

However, we can still resolve all of these issues, very easily.  First of all, update the firmware of your Extender Linksys RE9000 for the official web site of the brand. After downloading, unzip the file and save it on your computer. Go to the System Setup of your wireless extender, and find the option for Firmware update.


Linksys Dropping WIFI signal issue


Secondly, set the MTU size of your WIFI router, by going into the settings of your router. For dropping or lose connection, you need to bring your Linksys extender RE9000, a little more closure to your wireless WIFI router. Try to set the router away from the various house-hold obstacles and hindrances. 

Customize the settings of your Linksys WIFI router and the RE9000 extender. To customize the settings of your extender and the router, open a web browser and at the search bar, introduce the customize URL